Tuesday Evenings

(Whilst Regular Meetings Are Suspended)


These are Tuesday Evening talks to listen to at home whilst we cannot meet together.


Tuesday 30th June (download)
Nathan Howard, 30/06/2020
Tuesday 16th June (download)
Nathan Howard / Matt Lillicrap, 16/06/2020
Tuesda y2nd June (download)
Nathan Howard, 01/06/2020
Tuesday 19th May (download)
Nathan Howard / Tim Lock, 19/05/2020
Tuesday 5th May (download)
Nathan Howard / Tim Lock, 05/05/2020
Tuesday 28th April (download)
Nathan / Tim / Glen, 28/04/2020
Tuesday 21st April (download)
Nathan Howard / Tim Barnes, 21/04/2020
Tuesday 14th April (download)
Nathan Howard / Tim Lock, 14/04/2020
Tuesday 7th April (download)
Nathan Howard / Glen Mclellan, 07/04/2020
Tuesday 31st March (download)
Nathan Howard / Tim Lock, 31/03/2020