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Guest speakers

- Including visiting speakers and church members.
Women's Day - Being sure in a Non-Christian World (download)
Romans 8: 1-17
Mel Lacy, 11/03/2017
Rock Solid Confidence In Christ (download)
PM - One off service - Rock Solid Confidence In Christ - Hebrews 9:11-28
Sam Dickinson, 10/04/2016
Speaking with Gods Boldness (download)
PM - Speaking with Gods Boldness - Psalms 2 - Acts 4:1-31
Mike Ovey, 03/04/2016
Church Anniversary 2016... (download)
David Williams, 20/03/2016
Church Anniversary 2016... Living Advertisments (download)
David Williams, 20/03/2016
Putting Sin to Death (download)
Greig Ferguson, 21/02/2016
God's Servant (download)
Mike Kendall, 21/02/2016
Grow In Humility (download)
Pete Bentley-Taylor, 14/02/2016
The human heart is very hard (download)
Jonty Allcock, 31/01/2016
How to enjoy the most fruitful days of your life (download)
Our former Pastor, Colin Smith speaks about Jacob from Genesis
Colin Smith, 22/11/2015
Compelled by the love of Christ (download)
Our former pastor, Colin Smith, speaks from 2 Corinthians
Colin Smith, 22/11/2015
Our Future Inheritance (download)
Tom Fenning, 08/11/2015
Let the Nations be Glad (download)
Andrew Chard (AIM), 04/10/2015
The Reality Of Rejection (download)
Chris Ansberry, 30/08/2015
Accept No Substitute (download)
Mike Ovey, 23/08/2015
Possible or Impossible (download)
Jamie Letcher, 23/08/2015
Two Ways to Walk (download)
Rob Cawley, 09/08/2015
Knowing Jesus (download)
Greig Ferguson, 02/08/2015
What are your ambitions? (download)
Jonty Allcock, 02/08/2015
Seek Greatness, Serve Jesus (download)
Matt Lillicrap, 26/07/2015
Into All The World - Christ's Authority and the Great Commission (download)
Nick Mott, 07/06/2015
(Psalm 46) (download)
Jamie Letcher, 31/05/2015
Hope for the Hopeless (download)
Sam Dickinson, 12/04/2015
Remain (download)
Andy Prime, 22/03/2015
Church Anniversary 2015. Invitation (download)
Andy Prime, 22/03/2015
Humble Initiative Takers (download)
Jonty Allcock, 22/02/2015
The Mission (download)
Jonty Allcock, 22/02/2015
Behold your God (download)
Luke Crowter, 01/02/2015
[Untitled] (download)
Jonathan Shulver, 14/12/2014
[Untitled] (download)
John Stevens (FIEC), 30/11/2014
[Untitled] (download)
John Stevens (FIEC), 30/11/2014
Ebenezer (download)
Graham Went, 31/08/2014
Jesus saves unlikely people (download)
other, 24/08/2014
Into All the World (download)
Jon Short, 27/07/2014
Into All the World (download)
Jon Short, 27/07/2014
God will not be opposed because His King reigns (download)
Matt Lillicrap, 01/06/2014
Getting of the Rollercoaster (download)
Stuart Chaplin, 18/05/2014
The Empty Tomb (download)
Andrew Patterson, 16/03/2014
"Whoever" (download)
Andrew Patterson, 16/03/2014
Excited by God's Grace (download)
Dougie Affleck, 26/01/2014
"New Year, New World" (download)
Martyn Beardsley, 30/12/2013
'Keep me safe, O God' (download)
Joe Potter, 30/12/2013
Making and Growing Disciples (download)
Dougie Affleck, 08/12/2013
The Glory of Christ is Shaped Like a Cross (download)
Nick Mott, 03/11/2013
Our Responsibility To Go Into All The World (download)
Nick Mott, 03/11/2013
Walking in Pride (download)
Matt Guest, 27/10/2013
Real Lives Invitation Service (download)
Roger Carswell, 20/10/2013
Real Lives Invitation Service (download)
Roger Carswell, 20/10/2013
Luke 10 (download)
Barnaby Monteiro, 18/08/2013
Ministries of Mercy (download)
Charles Dobbie, 28/07/2013
The Plight of the Irreducible Minimum (download)
David Fortune, 30/06/2013
Running with Perseverance (download)
Jonathan Shaw, 07/04/2013
What is my life? (download)
Barnaby Monteiro, 07/04/2013
The Special One (download)
Andy Docherty, 24/03/2013
Lest we forget (download)
Andy Docherty, 24/03/2013
One Man, One Place, Once (download)
Andy Prime, 11/11/2012
God's Mission and Ours (download)
Alan Purser, 04/11/2012
Good News to the Poor (download)
Alan Purser, 04/11/2012
Life in the Spirit (download)
Richard Underwood, 22/07/2012
Praying for Power (download)
Richard Underwood, 22/07/2012
Wise to the End (download)
Jonty Allcock, 01/07/2012
Run the Race (download)
Trevor Archer, 10/06/2012
Grace Filled Gratitude (download)
Trevor Archer, 10/06/2012
Heaven (download)
Colin Smith, 25/03/2012
Sustaining Gospel ministry in an Unbelieving Culture (download)
Colin Smith, 25/03/2012
The Most Important Facts In History (download)
Jonty Allcock, 27/11/2011
How To Be Strong (download)
Charles Dobbie, 13/11/2011
A Salvation that Transforms (download)
Martyn Beardsley, 30/10/2011
Repentance: Red Handed (download)
Mike Ovey, 17/01/2010
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